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The Korean Skincare Routine – How to Maintain a Skincare Routine

The Korean skincare culture has rapidly spread in the Western world over the past few years. This is mainly due to the recognition of the benefits of the culture for health and beauty. One of the most famous things about the way Korean skincare works is the emphasis on hydration. This is important for the health of the skin and for reducing the signs of aging. When it comes to fighting these problems, hydration plays a huge role.


Hydration is a critical component in the Korean skincare routine. This will enable the skin to glow naturally from within, and because of this, fewer color foundations will be necessary. A daily cleansing routine is also advised. There are various options for this, depending on what is preferred. Choosing which products to use will depend mainly on the skin type of the recipient.

For those who have oily skin, using a hydrating mask or oil-containing product will help regulate sebum production. These should be applied before bedtime and left on until the morning of a full moon. The use of astringents in the Korean skincare routine will also help control sebum levels and encourage healthy skin by removing dead skin cells. However, it is essential to note that astringents can cause excessive flaking and should be avoided when possible.

Apply sunscreen:

As part of the Korean skincare routine, it is essential to apply sunscreen. SPF is an essential ingredient in any regimen that protects the skin from exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Without SPF, your skin will quickly age as it cannot shield itself adequately from the sun’s rays. Therefore, it is always advised to wear sunscreen when outdoors during the summer months and at least once each week during the winter months. Many people choose to use sunscreen with a high SPF as it will give a little protection for the face, neck, and ears but can often protect the body from the sun’s damaging rays as well. Sunscreens come in many forms, including spray-on, lotions, and gels.


As part of the Korean skincare routine, it is essential to use moisturizers. Again, SPF will not work alone and will need to be partnered with an SPF moisturizer. There are many various types of moisturizers available, and the best type will depend on your skin type and lifestyle. Many moisturizers also have additional healing and protection properties. When choosing a moisturizer, it is also essential to check the label and determine what type of SPF is used in the product to know which moisturizer to choose.


One of the most popular items in the Korean skincare routine is a cleanser. Most of us use a gentle cleanser with harsh ingredients that can often strip away the natural oils underneath the skin. A gentle cleanser is essential as too many cleansers can strip away the natural moisture necessary for healthy, radiant-looking skin. Typically, it is recommended that you use a cleanser once daily in the morning and once nightly. It would be better if you never used harsh soap or cleanser, as this can strip away the natural oils found underneath the skin.

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