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The Roles and Responsibilities of Mothers in the Family

Nurturing a child is the sacred responsibility of every woman who bears a child. A child’s development requires loving, nurturing care from the mother and the father. While both parents are important, this article will focus on the mother’s role in child development. This article also discusses the father’s role in the home and household. A father’s contribution to the family can greatly benefit the child and family.

Nurturing care and guidance

The Roles and Responsibilities Of Mothers in the Family: A woman’s primary role in the family is to give nurturing care and guidance to her child. As a mother, you have a sacred duty to provide the best nurturing for your child. While both fathers and mothers are vital to a child’s development, it is important to emphasize the role of the mom in the family.

Childbearing and caring

The roles and responsibilities of mothers in the family include childbearing and caring for the child. She is responsible for washing, arranging, and ironing children’s clothes. She should also make their rooms their own and teach them how to behave and care for themselves.

Count on others

Mothers teach children to trust each other and others as the primary caregiver. Children who learn to trust their parents will become confident and emotionally secure. It is also important for moms to provide unconditional love and support to their children. A mother should also teach her children the value of family, which is another reason a mother should spend time with her children.

Develop a sense of responsibility

Moms must help children develop responsibility. For example, moms need to teach children the difference between right and wrong. Children are often excited to do chores, but parents must maintain their courage. As moms, you must always be ready to discipline when needed. This is one of the keys to spiritual growth.


Early in life, the mother is the primary agent of socialization. As a child age, peers gain importance and may exert a dominant role. Young children mainly rely on their mothers for purchases, while adolescents may purchase most products independently.


The influence of the mother on children’s attitudes toward cooking is well-established. It is observed that girls are more likely than boys to appreciate the cooking process if the mother is enthusiastic about it. The influence of mom on cooking is evident in the number of chefs whose names are associated with the name of their restaurants. Sixty-six percent of American chefs attribute their love of cooking to their mothers. The influence of moms has a profound impact on consumers and brands.

Summing up There are several roles and responsibilities of mothers in the family. As a mother, you must teach your children the right behaviors and house chores. Your children’s behavior will greatly affect their future development. They should be taught proper behavior and how to respect their elders. A good mother will also be an example for their children.


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