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Paraben Free Products

Parabens are a form of preservative that is widely used in the cosmetic and personal care industry. Products like soaps, conditioners, moisturizers, shampoo and deodorant frequently contain parabens. They act as a form of preservative, preventing the growth of potentially harmful microbes such as bacteria or fungus, thereby increasing shelf-life. Chemically speaking, parabens is an ester—a compound molecule formed from a combination of acid and alcohol. Parabens usually show up on products’ ingredients lists as, methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben.

Why Parabens are Used?

Companies include parabens in their personal care products to extend the shelf life of the product. When the right portion of parabens is added, bacteria and fungi cannot grow in it.

Are Parabens Safe?

A concern was raised in 2004 about the safety level of Parabens when a study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology showed the presence of parabens in some breast tissue tumor. Similarly, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has done independent studies regarding paraben and found that it’s possible for parabens to negatively impact the immune system and may increase allergies and sensitivity. This may have secondary implications in susceptibility to cancer. However, only some governments have moved to act against parabens. In Europe, the use of certain parabens is prohibited in fragrances because it causes loss of skin pigmentation.

Parabens’ Effect on Skin and Hair

Parabens are basically a transparent ingredient, but they can cause several negative impacts on body. Constant use of such product could lead to skin dryness, itching and redness. Those will oily skin suffer more from such products because of bacterial buildup.  Similarly, parabens have a high molecular weight, which prevents evaporation and subsequent water loss from the hair, leading to frizzy and dry hair. Those with oily scalps are also more prone to micro-organism growth and scalp infections.

A Better Alternative – Parabens Free Products

There are natural preservatives available to keep the contents of personal hair care and skincare products fresh and safe to use, such as citric acid, rosemary extract, and grapefruit seed extract. The best option is to avoid synthetic preservatives, not just parabens. Choose pure, natural products with ingredients you can understand without a science degree.

Why Companies Must Switch to Paraben Free Products

Not only they are bad for our body, but it probably comes as no surprise that parabens take a toll on the planet. When we rinse our products off at the end of the day, the water carries the residue of our products into the larger water supply – and eventually the ocean. Studies have found severe harmful effects of these chemical in marine life that are impacting our ecosystem. This is not a minor consequence.

It can be argued that every product we manufacture, or use has the potential to impact the balance of nature.

Benefits of Parabens Free Products

  • Healthier body
  • Youthful skin
  • Happy hair
  • No allergies
  • Avoiding the risk of breast cancer
  • Spending less
  • Supporting sustainable products
  • Better for babies and children
  • Reduced risk of early onset puberty
  • Increased anti-ageing

Last Word

It’s time to be conscious and knowledgeable about the products you buy, not only for your own self but also for your planet Earth.  To get started, simply look at what you already have in your own home. Replacing items one by one until you figure out the best healthy regimen for your needs is likely going to be much easier and healthy in the long run.