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Importance of Breakfast

The essential meal of the day is breakfast; it replenishes the glucose supply to increase your alertness and energy levels and produce nutrients for good health. You may haven’t eaten for 10 hours when you wake up from overnight sleep. Without breakfast, you are like you run a car without fuel. Breakfast produces fuel to your body and mind after an overnight fast – this is where its name comes, breaking the fast.  When you skip breakfast, your body conserves calories rather than burns any incoming calories.

Benefits of Breakfast

Helps you to Lose Weight

When you’re trying to lose weight, breakfast can set you up for the rest of the day; it fills you up before you get hungry, so when you’re starving, you pull out the high-calorie food around. On the other hand, having the wrong meals can increase your appetite and set you up for failure before the day starts. Try to add wheat germ, eggs, bananas, smoothies, yogurt, coffee, oatmeal, flaxseed, etc., to your breakfast. The right foods can control your cravings and make you feel full until lunch; it will minimize snacking and help you ease weight loss.

Boost Brain Power

If you skip breakfast, you may fight to focus on things because your brain will not get the fuel to function when you don’t eat in the morning. Your brain needs glucose to get working. In addition, research shows that not having breakfast harms your attention, ability to concentrate, and memory. A healthy breakfast can make you more alert, bright, and focused; some foods promote the brain’s sugar level, such as cereal, whole-grain, coffee, milk, eggs, toast, etc., all help you boost your brain’s ability to concentrate.

Promote Energy Levels

Breakfast may give you the extra energy that you need throughout a busy day. Usually, your need for strength depends on age and activity levels, but typically, men need more energy than women. Chia seeds, berries, ground flaxseed, oatmeal, almond butter, etc., carry a healthy fiber dosage that can decrease digestion and keep you satiated. In addition, the antioxidants and vitamins mixed with protein and healthy fats make you strengthened all day long.

Decrease Risk of Diabetes When you eat breakfast before 8:30 am, it will help to reduce blood sugar levels and diminish the risk of type 2 diabetes. People with diabetes must eat breakfast; it’s essential for them because it allows them to feel full and help keep blood glucose levels stable. In addition, insulin sensitivity is higher in the a.M. than in the night, so breakfast should be a must in the meal schedule, and it is better to lessen the late-night dinner. Conversely, people who skip breakfast pay more at the end of the day, having a 21% risk of developing diabetes.

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